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Eurostudent Survey VII

This survey is a valuable source of data to inform policy making at national and international level. The main aim of the EUROSTUDENT project is to collate comparable data on the social dimension of European higher education. It focusses on the social and economic conditions of student life. It also investigates temporary international mobility. The […]


Export sales by Enterprise Ireland companies up 7% to reach a new high of €22.7 billion

In research conducted by Insight Statistical Consulting, export sales by companies supported by Enterprise Ireland rose by 7% last year to hit a new record high of €22.7 billion. Despite sterling’s weakness Irish firms managed to boost sales to Britain, while there was even stronger growth recorded in the euro zone, North America and Asia. Enterprise Ireland […]

The Internationalisation of Irish Higher Education

While research on internationalisation in higher education is growing, relatively little empirical evidence is available about this issue in Ireland. This study, commissioned by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) through the Irish Research Council (IRC) call for research on policy and society, addressed the following research questions: • the extent to which Irish tertiary education […]