R Statistical Software

R is an extraordinary resource for statistics and data analysis, maintained and supported by a wide range of researchers worldwide.   

Who will benefit?

Anyone using or intending using R and would like to understand more about the software.

Course duration: 1, 2 or 3 days

R is an extraordinary resource for statistics and data analysis, maintained and supported by a wide range of researchers worldwide. R’s package system, simultaneously its greatest strength and most dangerous weakness, will be covered in sufficient depth so that participants will be able to exploit the strengths while avoiding the weaknesses. R is a language with its own grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and literature. Like any language, it can be extremely powerful for you once you have mastered a few fundamentals. Attend the course and join the R community!

The first day’s course introduces you to R, how to work with data in R, carry out basic analyses and draw graphics.
The second day covers statistical modelling in R and shows you how to take advantage of R’s more advanced features, especially R’s add-on packages, which give you access to an unlimited collection of models and algorithms.
The third day you can learn how R is changing and developing, becoming both easier to use and more powerful, with its new tools for data manipulation, reproducible research, graphics, and database connections.

All three days can be taken separately, or together. Depending on your requirements and R experience, we would recommend that users with some experience of R should take Day 2 and 3 together.

Attendees should be computer literate, mathematically able, and ideally have some knowledge of statistics and experience of working with data.

These courses are organised by Insight Statistical Consulting and will be conducted by experienced R practitioners.

Venue: Dublin 4. 

Please contact us if you have any further queries or would like to receive a registration sheet via email. Alternatively phone Angela Moser @ 01 6612467.


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