We have worked with lotteries since our inception in 1989 and the following specific services have become a cornerstone of our business:

  • Assessing the integrity of results from lottery draw data and a range of lottery game shows.
  • Statistically testing the data emanating from random number generators.
  • Calculating the likelihood of rollovers and diminishment of prize funds

Our lottery services provide peace of mind for those responsible for draw operations.

They also assess the integrity of the lottery drawing process, strengthen the credibility of the lottery and instill confidence among players.

Our experience in providing statistical services to lotteries over the past 20 years makes us the natural choice for established lotteries to maintain the integrity of their draw data or use statistical modeling to answer specific questions.

Lottery Clients We Work With:

  • National Lottery (Ireland)
  • Camelot (UK)
  • Prize Bonds Company (Ireland)
  • GTECH Global Services Corporation
  • EuroMillions

The Irish National Lottery and Prize Bonds Company have used our lottery analysis services for 20 years. We’ve also worked with Camelot (UK National Lottery), GTECH and the European lottery game EuroMillions.

We test the randomness of the data for all draws and games including:

  • Lotto-style draws
  • TV game shows – using random number generators and physical machines such as wheels
  • Other TV games – eg. bingo

Lottery Statistical Services:

  • Calculating the likelihood of rollovers and diminishment of prize fund. Examining a number of different sales scenarios, the number of winners, the number of times the jackpot ‘rolls over’ and the cost of the prize fund. Important for our clients to be able realistically predict turnover, fund available for good causes and growth over time.
  • Estimating scratch card stock using a statistically valid sampling frame for estimating population figures and calculating the proportion of unclaimed prizes that were in circulation.

With the assistance of Enterprise Ireland, we are currently extending our services to the United States.

Are you a lottery concerned about the randomness of your results? Are you not sure what this year’s turnover will be? Do you have the in-house expertise to carry out this work? Do you require results to be independently validated by an organization with a proven track record in this field?

Contact us today and let’s discuss your statistical needs.