Marketing Research Services

Research Design

This stage of the research process directly and explicitly affects the remaining stages of any research project. It is about the researcher deciding what information is needed to answer the research question.

We work closely with the client through the following specific stages:

  1. Problem identification
  2. Problem clarification
  3. Problem formulation
  4. Objectives/Hypothesis

The outcome from this stage is often a list of key objectives or questions. From this a research design is planned.

Three Types of Research Design

  • Exploratory research aims to explore and discover issues about which there is little or nothing known about the question(s) on hand.
  • Descriptive research is used when there is already a lot of knowledge about a topic and you wish to find out more, quantify and/or investigate associations between certain variables.
  • Causal research takes descriptive research to the next level and establishes a cause and effect relationship between two or more variables, ie. testing data statistically.

We work closely with clients to provide a research design appropriate to your needs and budget.

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