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Data Collection

Data can be gathered from primary or secondary sources. Secondary data is information that has already been collected. It’s often useful to perform thorough desk research of existing information before any primary data are collected.

Insights Statistical Consulting Primary Data Collection Services

Quantitative Design: Face-to-Face | Postal | Telephone | Online

Qualitative: Focus Groups | In-Depth Interviews | Mystery Shopping

Other: Panels | Diaries | Experiments

We have conducted nationally important studies using all of the above data collection services and are comfortable handling large scale data collection projects. As part of our service to you, we will advise on the most appropriate data collection methodology depending on the type of study being undertaken and any other constraints.

Sampling is an important aspect of the data collection process.

Researchers often ask how many respondents they need to survey. The answer is often unintuitive in that for any large population a sample size of 1,067 provides an estimate within three percentage points of the actual percentage.

We work closely with clients to devise the most efficient sample size bearing in mind other factors such as cost, time, incidence and level of precision.

If you want to receive expert advice regarding your data collection needs, please contact us.