Marketing Research Services

Data Analysis

We offer the highest level of analytical skills
and these are split into two stages.

Stage One Data Analysis:

  • Data entry and data file preparation
  • Coding of open-ended text, e.g. occupational coding of occupations
  • Data validation
  • Generation of data tables and charts

Often we take completed questionnaires and enter the data into a computer.
The computerised data is then imported into a statistical software package and analysed. Sometimes responses are coded prior to data entry, eg. occupations are coded into social class categories. Then the data are validated prior to data analysis, i.e. a complete evaluation of responses following data collection to independently assess the data. Once all data issues are covered, data analysis can commence.

Stage Two Data Analysis:

Offers a higher level of statistical capability for example:

  • Random Number Testing
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Propensity/Statistical Modelling
  • Devising complex weighting methodologies
  • Designing complex sampling schemes
  • Database management and analysis

We understand which statistical techniques are most appropriate for your data and how results should be interpreted and presented. Our statistical credentials also make us the natural choice for advanced research techniques.

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